1)  Can I sell music that was written by someone else but that I have arranged?  No.  You may only sell music for which you own the copyright or for which you have written permission from the copyright owner.2)  How much will I make when someone buys one of my songs?  NoteRunner offers one of the most attractive opportunities available to musicians and composers for creating and selling their original content.  Sellers will receive 60% of the original purchase price for each composition that is sold. Vendors will then be responsible for paying PayPal fees as well as any applicable sales tax. Click here for more information on vendor sales.As a point of comparison, many publishers will only pay commissions in the range of 10-15% which is calculated from a wholesale number that is usually significantly less than the retail price.3)  When will I get paid?  NoteRunner will usually deposit commissions in vendor PayPal accounts immediately after a sale is made.  In the case of technical difficulties, please allow up to 2 months to address any questions on commissions and payments.4)  How do I upload my music?  You'll first need to create a vendor account before you can upload music to NoteRunner.  Go to the top menu, select 'Sell', then follow the directions for creating an account.  Music is uploaded via the vendor dashboard page where additional instructions are documented.  Files that customers will eventually download should be .pdf format.5)  How do I get paid for selling my music?  You need to have an active PayPal account to receive payment from NoteRunner.  When you register to become a vendor you will enter the email address associated with your PayPal account and NoteRunner will do the rest.