NoteRunner™ Terms and conditions (vendors) The website is owned and operated by LiveWell Solutions LLC. Any questions regarding the following terms and conditions may be submitted to
  1. Before placing any music on NoteRunner™, you must first ensure that you own the copyright for the music that you will be listing or that you have been granted permission by the copyright holder to use their music for this purpose.
  2. By listing music on NoteRunner™, you are not granting any ownership of the music copyright to us. The copyright owner will retain ownership.
  3. Music listed on NoteRunner™ may be used for promotion of Likewise, your name or trademark may be used as well for promotion of
  4. By listing music on NoteRunner™ you are granting us a royalty-free license to sell your music to visitors.
  5. NoteRunner™ will not be liable for loss or damage as a result of errors made in pricing. Pricing is set by the seller but any errors not able to be corrected by the seller should be reported immediately.  
  6. NoteRunner™ reserves the right to remove any material that is submitted to the site for any reason. Please note that NoteRunner™ is a family friendly website.
  7. Digital files uploaded to may not contain any viruses, tracking software or other programming algorithms that interfere with buyer’s privacy, data or computer systems.
  8. All commissions will be paid via PayPal.
  9. As the music vendor, you will receive 60% of your composition’s sales price after each sale. PayPal will then deduct a digital transaction fee from that amount. PayPal digital transaction fees are defined by the type of PayPal account you have established.
  10. Vendors are responsible for paying any applicable taxes on the sales that they generate on
  11. Vendors may offer promotions, discounts and other programs on some or all pieces of music by submitting requests in writing to NoteRunner™. Requests will be reviewed by NoteRunner™ and then must be approved. Promotions and discount amounts will be deducted from the retail sales price and vendors will receive the discounted total from the sale. NoteRunner will receive 40% of that discounted amount.
  12. Terms and conditions may change from time to time which will be reflected in this list on the website.
  13. Any disagreements will be settled by binding informal arbitration.