About the Product

Magnetic White Board with grand staff image. Comes with hand crafted Music Alphabet Magnets, 2 blank note magnets, 1 black dry-erase marker, 4 nails/drywall inserts (if you want to hang on the wall of your music room or studio). Dimensions: 13.5"x10.5" This is a great tool for music teachers and parents of young musicians alike. You can have the child put the letter note on the correct line or space. Or you can put the blank note on a line or space and have the child say what the note name is. The standard color for the staff is black. However, you can choose from multiple staff colors. (This is great for color themed rooms/studios) MUST EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT A SPECIFIC COLOR OTHERWISE IT WILL BE BLACK (nicolekirkhammusicinc@gmail.com). Mention your name and the date you purchased the product. Thanks! *This is a product that is made in my home studio. **This item is copyright and can not be shared, resold, or used as a form of profit; legal actions will be taken if buyer fails to meet these conditions. ***For use in home music study, or by students of a music teacher during lessons