About the Product

What a better way to celebrate the holidays than to have students make a musical storybook keepsake! For an inside look at what Creative Story Compositions is all about you will want to watch this video... The purpose of the creative story compositions is to kickoff the composition process in a creative way. There are 3 options to choose from. All 3 ways students are encouraged to create a short story along the way. Above the staff, there is a blank space to write in their story. Blank composition pages for both story and music notation is included when it’s time to pull it all together. Students have 3 options: 1) Improvise 2) Create a sound story 3) Notate their story I have included several different versions, including a melody line idea version (similar to what you would see in vocal explorations) if they just have no idea how to start. Depending what students want to do, you can choose appropriately. I also included b/w options as well as off staff options. The B/W pages make fun coloring pages too. Bind them together for an end of the year storybook composition keepsake! Visit my blog and join my email list for exclusive deals and freebies: FPSResources blog Like on Facebook: FPSResources Facebook