We are proud to introduce you to our talented group of composers!  Much of their lives have been devoted to creating their own unique style of music and sharing it with others.  Check out their NoteRunner stores by clicking on their names below.  And if you hear something you like - let them know by posting a review, shooting them a note, or picking up one of their songs today!  The cool thing about NoteRunner is when you buy a composition, you know that the composer, who has spent blood, sweat, and tears to get their music out, will also be the one getting the majority of the sale.   Its about time.  We hope you enjoy browsing our NoteRunner composer stores.


Daniel McFarlane

Anna Chapman

Dietmar Steinhauer

Michael R. Hicks

Jen Butikofer

Janice Malan

Jason Tonioli

Tawna Love

Jerald Simon

John Huffman

Rhonda Bodenstab Bennett

Sara Lyn Baril

Rami Bar-Niv

Nathan Howe

Piano Teacher Press

Amanda Smith