NoteRunner started as an online marketplace for buying and selling sheet music.  In 2015, we expanded our marketplace to music teaching resources and the response has been awesome. Our marketplace is a simple idea, really. And yet, just a few years ago musicians had nowhere they could go to simply and quickly publish and sell their sheet music. Those who were successful at publishing were also faced with the reality that only a very small percent of each sale would actually be returned to them. Ten to fifteen percent might be a typical royalty paid to a musician by some of today's major publishers.   Now, however, everything has changed. Musicians are not limited to only a few options that, in our opinion, are analogous to watching a black and white TV with four local channels and no DVR (OK bad analogy but I'm still a little sun burnt from my childhood TV experience). The internet has changed everything - again, and NoteRunner is at the forefront of the sheet music marketplace revolution.   At NoteRunner, our mission is to provide an online marketplace where musicians and teachers can buy and sell high quality products with the smallest amount of overhead and red tape possible. Not only that, but when you buy a product from NoteRunner, you'll also know that the majority of that product's sales price will find its way back to the original author or composer. That's right, the one who put in blood, sweat and tears to create their original product. We can't speak for anyone else, but at NoteRunner we believe that this is a cause worth fighting for. We are in this for the long haul. This is our passion. This is our journey. We hope you will join us in bringing the NoteRunner revolution to the rest of the world.  And we hope you enjoy NoteRunner.